02Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Age: 24

Height: 5’2″

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Light Green

Personality Type:

“Completely Awesome!”

Favorite Music:

Booty music and Rock n’ Roll

Favorite Food:


Favorite Car:

“Saleen S7, 230mph out of the box…yeah baby, yeah!!”



What Is Your Major/what Do You Want To Be:

International Business w/ French

Do You Have A Pet:

Sir Lexington, my Yorkie

Who Is Your Hero:


Favorite Clothing Brand:

Guess or BeBe

Favorite Sport:

“Any, because watching them usually requires an adult tasty beverage!”

Favorite Movie:

Black Sheep

Favorite Actor:

Jack Nicholson

Favorite Actress:

Jenna Jameson

First Thing You Notice In A Guy:

“If he is looking at my eyes…or my tits!”

Most Important Thing You Need In A Guy:


Favorite Monster Drink:

Monster Chaos…. yum yum!!

Favorite Sun Bru Product:

Sun Bru Body Wash

What Is The Best Thing About Being Part Of Team Sun Bru:

The Benefits!!!


Hawaiian Tropic State Finalist, Miss Strokers Dallas, Winner of Hot Dog eating contest, and Miss Caribbean Tan

Is There Anyone You Would Like To Thank:

“My Parents for having me!”

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