02Hometown: Arlington, TX

Age: 20

Height: 5’ 4”

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Personality Type:

Very Outgoing

Favorite Music:

Hip Hop, Rap

Favorite Food:

“Hooter food haha… Italian… I love all food!”

Favorite Car:

Merceds Benz


Hooter Girl, Ticket Chick, Full Time Student, Sun Bru Bikini Team

What Is Your Major/what Do You Want To Be:

Major: marketing. Minor – Biology. “Wanna do pharmaceutical sales”

Do You Have A Pet:

“No, but I love dogs”

Who Is Your Hero:

My Grandfather

Favorite Clothing Brand:


Favorite Sport:


Favorite Movie:

“Favorite “tearjerker”: The Notebook… Casino, Blow, and many more!”

Favorite Actor:

Denzel Washington

Favorite Actress:

Michelle Pfeiffer

First Thing You Notice In A Guy:

Their Eyes

Most Important Thing You Need In A Guy:


Favorite Monster Drink:

“Love them all, but if I have to choose… Monster Low Carb”

Favorite Sun Bru Product:

“All tan lotions and B’Shaw Facial Moisourizer!”

What Is The Best Thing About Being Part Of Team Sun Bru:

“Great Girls, Great Sponsors, Good Opportunity!”


Diablo Model, Miss New Booty ’06, Sun Bru Finalist

Is There Anyone You Would Like To Thank:

“My Mom for always being there and all my wonderful supportive friends!”

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