Jayme Lynne

02Hometown: Fort Worth

Age: 26

Height: 5’ 6.5”

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Personality Type:

“Friendly, sweet, and a little dorky!”

Favorite Music:

Little of everything

Favorite Food:


Favorite Car:



Swimsuit model

What Is Your Major/what Do You Want To Be:


Do You Have A Pet:

DOG, 2 turtles, fish

Favorite Sport:

UFC mixed martial arts

Favorite Movie:

“Kill Bill or any kicking butt movie!”

Favorite Actor:

Richard Gear

Favorite Actress:

Jessica Simpson

First Thing You Notice In A Guy:

Physical appearance

Most Important Thing You Need In A Guy:

Decision making

Favorite Monster Drink:


Favorite Sun Bru Product:

“Anything with Mango in it!”

What Is Something You Would Like People To Know About Yourself? :

“I love meeting new people to have as friends. I feel that each new person I meet has a way of brightening up my life somehow and I would like to do the same for them!”

What Is The Best Thing About Being Part Of Team Sun Bru:

“The people I work for are extremely nice. They go out of their way to please everyone and its great to work for them. I feel like if I ever have any concerns they would address them promptly. And we have a lot of fun!!”


“Here we go….. Miss Hawaiian Tropic International for Mexico, Indonesia; Miss Caribbean tan, Texas Bikini Team, over 24 calendars including a centerfold, Low Rider Magazine 5 times, Blvd magazine, Euro Rider Magazine, 4 commercials, Many bikini contests winner.”

Is There Anyone You Would Like To Thank:

Brandon and Marco!!

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