03Hometown: Arlington

Age: 21

Height: 5’7″

Hair Color: “Brunette love the highlights!”

Eye Color: “Killer hazels”

Personality Type:

“People tell me my personality is very strong and addictive …wild, crazy, fun, life of the party and Energetic!”

Favorite Music:

Hip Hop, Rap, R&B and anything I can shake my ass to!

Favorite Food:


Favorite Car:

Escalade ridin’ on 24s he he!


Dental Assistant at an Orthodontic office…let me fix yo grill 😉

What Is Your Major/what Do You Want To Be:

“Not in school right now, just work full time, but I would love to go for music! Singing is my passion!!!”

Do You Have A Pet:

“A purry lil kitty”

Who Is Your Hero:

“My amazing Mother”


Favorite Clothing Brand:

“Buh Yah Kah, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal…anything I think is cute!”

Favorite Sport:

“Basketball!! GOOO MAVS!! Kind of been diggin’ UFC too!”

Favorite Movie:

Fight Club

Favorite Actor:

“Gotta looove Brad Pitt!!”

Favorite Actress:

“Angelina Jolie…she is a badass!!”

First Thing You Notice In A Guy:

“His style and the way he carries himself!”

Most Important Thing You Need In A Guy:


Favorite Monster Drink:

Monster Low Carb!

Favorite Sun Bru Product:

Body Bru tan extender!!

What Is Something You Would Like People To Know About Yourself? :

“I am not like every other girl…u can be the judge of that!! :)”

What Is The Best Thing About Being Part Of Team Sun Bru:

“I am a new comer with the Sun Bru team…but I have enjoyed it so far!”


“Recently got my certification as a Dental Assistant…in the Ortho. field. I finally moved out of my mom’s house into a four bedroom house in Keller and just starting to pay my own bills which is a huge accomplishment I have recently been able to conquer!! WHAT WHAT!!”

Is There Anyone You Would Like To Thank:

“I would love to give much gratitude to my very good friend Marco for letting me be apart of the Sun Bru team…as well as having faith in me and my ability to show what I am capable of!”

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