02Hometown: Dallas,TX

Age: 23

Height: 5′ 3″

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Personality Type:

“Sensitive, witty, generous, playful, optimist, flirtatious, honest, loyal, openminded, spontanous, and expressive!”

Favorite Music:

Rock, house, old school hip-hop, jazz, ambient, 80’s,and most everything thats agreeable with the ‘moment’!

Favorite Car:

A white on white Stingray/vette


Promo/modeling/part-time student

What Is Your Major/what Do You Want To Be:

“Theres so many passions that i have and talents mainly in the world of art,so i’d have to say its a tossup between stylist,writer,paralegal,or interior designer! ;-)”

Do You Have A Pet:

“Yes,i have an adorable cat named Kit-kat and two horses,Poco and Johnny!”

Who Is Your Hero:

“My grandfather for instilling valuable knowledge and wisdom into me at such a young age and for always believing me no matter what!!”

Favorite Clothing Brand:


Favorite Sport:


Favorite Movie:

Some like it hot

Favorite Actor:

Mel Brooks

Favorite Actress:

Scarlett Johansan

First Thing You Notice In A Guy:

“Eyes,hands,if they have a sense of humor,and how they treat others!!!”

Most Important Thing You Need In A Guy:

Iwould “WANT” complete honesty~~

Favorite Monster Drink:

“Low Carb and a splash of Ciroc,haha!!”

Favorite Sun Bru Product:

“The Body lotion! Smells amazing!”

What Is Something You Would Like People To Know About Yourself? :

“I love learning, humor, traveling, and always a goodtime!! I have no regrets,everything thats happened in life is for a reason and hanging onto the past is pointless because its not going to last sothrough trial and error i learn and with that its made me stronger,wiser,and who i am today and who im destined to be!!”

What Is The Best Thing About Being Part Of Team Sun Bru:

“Meeting new people and working/promoting alongside great people whom are fun!”

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