Miss October: Stephanie


Shot on location at Paris Harley-Davidson • Photo by Brandon Uhr (www.brandonuhr.com)

Shot on location at Paris Harley-Davidson • Photo by Brandon Uhr (www.brandonuhr.com)

Sun Bru Calendar Girl Info

Full Name: Stephanie Parker

Home Town: Dallas, TX

Age: 23

Height: 5′ 8

Hair ColorBrown

Eye Color:  Brown

Personality TypeGoofy, fun sometimes a little retarded!!

Favorite Music:  EVERYTHING, from rap, rock, pop, metal, techno, country etc…I love it all!

Favorite Car:   I really like the old muscle cars…the Camaro, GTO, Charger, Chevelle

Occupation:  Personal Assistant/Promotional Model

Do You Have A Pet?   :A Jack-Russell Terrier named Ringo (looks kinda like a fat version of wishbone)

Who Is Your Hero:   Gotta be my mom, hands down

Favorite Clothing Brand:   I just love clothes in general, no favorites

Favorite Sport:  MMA, UFC is #1 but football would be #2nd

Favorite Movie:  Anything that’s not a chick flick….Hitman was pretty Good 🙂

Favorite Actor:  Johnny Depp

Favorite Actress:   Angelina Jolie

What Do You First Notice In A Guy?:   His Height, he’s gotta at least be as tall as me when I’m not wearing heels

Best Thing about Being on The Sun Brü Calendar: Are you serious? It’s one of the most badass bikini calendars to be in!!

Life Goals:To be successful, healthy and happy…o and to look good in a bikini FOREVER!!!