Miss March: Mary Michele

Shot on location at RPM Cycle • Photo by Brandon Uhr (www.brandonuhr.com)

Shot on location at RPM Cycle • Photo by Brandon Uhr (www.brandonuhr.com)

Sun Bru Calendar Girl Info


Full Name: Mary Michele Ballentine

Home Town: Midland, TX

Age: 25

Height: 5’6”

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Personality Type: ???

Favorite Music: Depends on my mood, alternative, country, hip hop

Favorite Car: CORVETTE!!! Monster trucks, Hummers

Occupation: Registered Nurse, Bikini Model

Do You Have A Pet?:  pug, blue lacey, and cat

Who Is Your Hero: my father

Favorite Clothing Brand: don’t have one my clothes range from scrubs, club wear, and professional

Favorite Sport: rodeo

Favorite Movie: Les Miserables

Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp, Liam Neesom

Favorite Actress: ummm….

What Do You First Notice In A Guy?: his manners, butt, and eyes

Best Thing about Being in The Sun Brü Calendar: BIKINI BIKE WASHES! Plus getting to hang out with so many fun girls and do exciting promotions

Life Goals: Already accomplished one when I became a nurse, but I would like to eventually advance my career, stay healthy, and learn how to do something new as often as I can